What services do I get for the Student Life Fee I pay each quarter?

The Student Life Fee is approximately $403 per quarter for undergraduate students and $295 for graduate and professional students. A portion of this fee is allotted to other campus programs. 

The remaining portion of the fee is allotted to Student Health and Counseling Services. The Student Health Service (SHS) provides free medical care and The Student Counseling Service (SCS) provides free mental health care.

While it may seem the Student Life Fee is a big expense, typically if you have one medical visit during the quarter you will have spent an equivalent amount or more on the cost of care as you have spent on the Student Life Fee.  Below is an example of the cost of services provided by SHS compared to what you would typically pay if seeking the same services elsewhere:


Cost if provided by SHS

Cost if provided by other Health Care Providers

(based on average charges from comparable Chicagoland area providers) 

Office visit with physician or nurse practitioner


New Patient Visit: $253

Established Patient Visit: $152

Rapid Strep Throat Swab



Ankle Brace



Wrist Splint






Mono Blood Test



Complete Blood Count (CBC)



Urinalysis for UTI



Screening tests for Sexual Transmitted Infections such as Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV and Syphilis
*Note some positive screening tests may be sent for additional confirmatory testing and are billed to private insurance


$150-250 per test

Consultation with Orthopedic Physician


$350-$650 for consultation

Consultation for Travel Immunizations


(most vaccines are free)

$95-$150 for consultation

Plus cost of vaccinations ($60-$175/vaccine)

Student Health Service (SHS) is a comprehensive healthcare center designed to meet the needs of University of Chicago students. We offer a wide array of services including:

Mental health care is available to students through the Student Counseling Service.